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Newsletter: February 2022

Welcome to the Transform Bottom Trawling Coalition newsletter with updates from our members and the coalition's achievements.

Coalition updates updates

New members

This month we welcomed three new organisations to the growing global movement to transform bottom trawling.

Dakshin Foundation
The Dakshin Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation headquartered in Bengaluru (also called Bangalore) in southern India. Its mission is to inform and advocate conservation and natural resource management while promoting and supporting sustainable livelihoods, social development, and environmental justice. Follow Dakshin’s updates on their social media platforms: Twitter Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

Bahari Hai
Bahari Hai is a non-profit conservation organisation headquartered in Watamu on the Kenyan coast. Its mission is to be a Community Based Organisation (CBO) that secures the existence of endangered species and creates a thriving natural marine environment for all. Follow Bahari Hai’s updates on social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram

Minderoo Foundation
The Minderoo Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation headquartered in Perth, Australia. Through a collaborative, evidence-based approach Minderoo strives to solve major ocean challenges, including ending overfishing; ending plastic pollution, heat, and CO2 in our ocean; supporting the sustainable use of ocean resources; conserving key habitats; facilitating world-class research. Follow Minderoo’s updates on social media: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Instagram

Dakshin, Dahari Hai, and Minderoo join 44 organisations in 22 countries across the globe. We welcome the valuable perspectives and experiences that these groups will bring to the coalition.
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Members’ research and reports

Researchers at Oceana have found that habitat-damaging fishing gears like bottom trawlers and dredges are used extensively inside MPAs in the UK and the EU.

Bahari Hai has produced a report about threats to sea turtles nesting in Ungwana Bay and the surrounding region on the coast of Kenya. The report includes information about the risks that bottom trawling poses to turtle populations and small-scale fishers’ livelihoods. We will share the link to the report on our social media as soon as it's available.

Website updates

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to develop new pages and content for the coalition website, including a new In the News page and an updated Media Assets Bank.

The global bottom trawling report, co-authored by coalition members and fisheries experts, is now on the website too.

Webinars, news and events


Illuminating Hidden Harvests: Small-scale Fisheries and their Governance

In the latest addition to Duke University’s The Future of Our Oceans webinar series, contributors to the upcoming Illuminating Hidden Harvest report share early insights into the global extent of preferential access areas for small-scale fishers.

The findings of this research will inform advocacy to achieve the coalition’s first ask: Coastal states, in consultation with fishworker organisations and other stakeholders, must establish, expand and strengthen national inshore exclusion zones (IEZs) for small-scale fishers in which bottom trawling is prohibited.

Global bottom trawling news


9th Annual World Ocean Summit, 01 - 04 March 2022 (virtual)

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