Organising small-scale fishers to push trawlers offshore – Liberia

Trawlers often deplete fish populations and cause pollution by discarding unwanted catches.  James Logan, from the Liberian Artisanal Fishermen’s Association, advocates for better monitoring of the waters and an expansion of the inshore exclusion zone (IEZ) to protect breeding grounds and prevent overfishing. He argues that without these measures, the country’s fish supply will be […]

The impacts of bottom trawling on small-scale fishers in Tokeh, Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone’s small-scale fishers share the same waters as bottom trawlers, which compete with them for space and access to fish. They also present a threat to Alpha and other fishers’ safety, as they can destroy fishers’ nets and capsize their canoes. Alpha wants Sierra Leone’s bottom trawling exclusion zone to be fully enforced.

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