Fixing destructive fishing and restoring our ocean is much bigger than one organisation alone.

That’s why we’re growing a coalition of small-scale fishers, seafood companies, conservationists, local tourism businesses, scientists, managers and fisheries policy experts that’s devoted to inclusive, holistic and lasting change. 

How does it work?

Through the coalition we will coordinate a single common front against the most pervasive and severe forms of destructive fishing – bottom trawling – with coherent policy solutions and a united voice.

We’ll provide a safe space where coastal communities can articulate how bottom trawling affects their livelihoods and food security, and develop solutions that are viable for them. 

We’ll engage with local fleets to explore alternative methods and facilitate a just transition. 

At the same time, we’ll collectively speak up against the often politically powerful industrial fishing industry in a way that would pose too great a risk to individuals alone. 

In this approach the coalition will strive to empower, safely and equitably, those people whose livelihoods most rely on healthy marine ecosystems.

Our members

We want to see bottom trawling urgently tackled by all coastal nations, with evidence of a globally reduced footprint by 2030.

Join the coalition

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