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Research briefing 01: Bottom trawling and the climate crisis

Bottom trawling has long attracted attention and debate for its impacts on non-target species and seafloor habitats, and is thought to be the most widespread cause of human disturbance to these habitats. In recent years, concerns have also been raised about bottom trawling’s potential contributions to the climate crisis. This new briefing summarises this emerging field of research, outlining the known major impacts from bottom trawling on greenhouse gas emissions and identifying key mitigation opportunities.


At The Tipping Point

Senegal’s rich fisheries historically played a vital role in employing around 600,000 people and feeding the nation’s rapidly growing population of nearly 17 million people.

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Scourge Of The Seas

In Thailand, bottom trawling threatens livelihoods, food security and ocean ecosystems. One particularly destructive form of bottom trawling, known as pair trawling, is responsible for

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