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Bottom trawling is a uniquely damaging method of fishing that undermines artisanal fisheries, destroys marine ecosystems and releases massive amounts of carbon into our environment.

The destruction wrought by bottom trawling goes much deeper than the glaring loss of marine life. Over 100 million people rely on small-scale fishing − often using the same waters targeted by destructive trawlers. They are the largest single group of ocean users and are key to a sustainable and productive ocean economy.

By pulverising complex habitats and undermining fish populations, bottom trawling creates conflict and diminishes fisheries that are critical to the livelihoods and food security of some of the most vulnerable people on earth.

Small-scale fishers and fish processors are on the frontlines of the crisis facing our ocean. When ecosystems are destroyed, seas warm and fish disappear, it is their livelihoods that are affected first.

Small-scale fishers are also the best stewards of our oceans, holding a deep understanding of marine life and the natural cycles that they encounter on a daily basis, and should be at the centre of solutions to restore our seas.

Fisher Testimonies is a Transform Bottom Trawling Coalition project to amplify the voices of small-scale fishers and fishworkers affected by bottom trawling and platform solutions that they want to see implemented.

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Explore the map below to listen to fishers’ and fishworkers’ testimonies, learn more and take action to support their campaigns.

Each blue pin represents a different testimony. You can filter by region of interest, and pin numbers show multiple testimonies from similar locations. You can navigate the map by clicking on the testimony pin, the country or using the zoom in and zoom out buttons on the right of the map. Use the 🏠 icon to zoom back out to the full map and explore the next testimony. 

Hovering over the pin will show the video. To find out more about the testimonial clicking on pins produces a popout box with an individual fisher testimony and a ‘Take Action’ button. The button will take you to a campaign page or learning resource.

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The testimonies in the map have been generously provided by fishers and fishworkers and collected by members of the TBT Coalition. We are always looking to platform more perspectives on bottom trawling. If you are a fisher or fishworker that would like to contribute a testimony or if you are a coalition supporter that would like to help gather testimonies please contact [email protected].

If you have concerns or enquiries about any testimonies, please contact [email protected].

Learn more about fishers and fishworkers’ priorities for ocean action in the Call to Action from Small-Scale Fishers.

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