Webinar: Strengthening fishers’ campaigns against bottom trawling in Indonesia

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Strengthening small-scale fishers’ campaigns and resistance against bottom trawling in Indonesia

Ekologi Maritim Indonesia (EKOMARIN) was founded in 2020 to support small-scale fisher organisations through research, capacity building and advocacy.

Martin Hadiwinata, the National Coordinator of EKOMARIN, works with fishers to develop solutions to the impacts of bottom trawling in Northern Sumatra, where regulations have been in place to prohibit bottom trawling in coastal waters for decades but enforcement and compliance have been constant challenges.

You can watch this video with Bahasa subtitles here.

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EKOMARIN’s presentation was part of the TBT Coalition Campaigns Learning Webinar on December 14, 2022. The webinar brought organisations together to learn about movements to address bottom trawling in Indonesia, India and Vietnam, exchange best practices and talk about the challenges they face.

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