The Indonesian Traditional Fisherfolk Union (KNTI)

The Indonesian Traditional Fisherfolk Union (KNTI) is a grassroots organisation with over 100,000 members in 65 regencies that fights for the rights of traditional fisherfolk, promotes sustainable fishing practices, and protects marine and coastal environments.

With support from the TBT Coalition Grants Programme, KNTI is launching the “Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods Through Responsible Fishing Practices” project to tackle illegal bottom trawling in Eastern Indonesia, which threatens marine ecosystems and small-scale fishers’ livelihoods.

Through the project, KNTI will conduct a baseline study of marine ecosystem health, document the prevalence of illegal bottom trawling and establish Fisherfolk Community Centers as monitoring posts to record and report illegal trawling. This will allow KNTI to tackle illegal bottom trawling while raising awareness of the extent and impacts of the practice among communities and decision-makers.

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