“We are fighting bottom trawling to secure sustainable artisanal fishing and prosperous communities inside the Manyange Na Elombo Campo MPA.”
Rodric Xavier Ndjamo, Project Coordinator

TUBE AWU is a Cameroonian community-based organisation working to improve the health of ecosystems in the Kribi-Campo coastal strip so coastal communities flourish. Its primary focus is the stewardship of biodiversity and community well-being in and around the Manyange Na Elombo Campo marine protected area (MPA). 

With support from the TBT Coalition’s grants programme, TUBE AWU is implementing a mechanism to control and monitor illegal trawling activities within the Manyange Na Elombo Campo marine protected area. The organisation’s goal is to halt incursions while promoting sustainable fishing within the park, so local communities can benefit from the protection the MPA offers.

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