Transform Bottom Trawling Newsletter – July 2022

This month, we’ve maintained the momentum of the coalition’s successful side event at the UN Ocean Conference. Following Thailand’s announcement to phase out bottom trawling, the Environmental Justice Foundation – a founding member of the TBT Coalition – has been working with the Thai government to ensure the new policy is effectively and equitably implemented.

Meanwhile, coalition members in Honduras and Scotland made progress in their campaigns to expand, establish and strengthen inshore exclusion zones for small-scale fishers in which bottom trawling is prohibited.

In the EU, years of collective campaigning by low-impact fishing associations and environmental groups resulted in the EU Parliament passing a ban on fly shooting – a highly efficient but destructive form of mobile bottom fishing – in part of the English Channel.

These campaigns represent part of the growing global movement to safeguard coastal fisheries and ecosystems by tackling bottom trawling in coastal waters.


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