At The Tipping Point

Senegal’s rich fisheries historically played a vital role in employing around 600,000 people and feeding the nation’s rapidly growing population of nearly 17 million people. However, artisanal fishers – the beating heart of its fisheries sector and society – are in danger due to illegal bottom trawling. This Environmental Justice Foundation report, produced with support […]

Scourge Of The Seas

In Thailand, bottom trawling threatens livelihoods, food security and ocean ecosystems. One particularly destructive form of bottom trawling, known as pair trawling, is responsible for catching vast amounts of juvenile fish and seafood which would otherwise have reached maturity as valuable species. A significant proportion of what is caught is ‘trash fish’: a mixture of […]

New perspectives on an old fishing practice: Scale, context and impacts of bottom trawling

In a new report “Bottom Trawling: New perspectives on an old fishing practice”, coalition members Blue Ventures and Flora and Fauna International joins a collaboration of world-leading fisheries scientists and ocean experts in calling for constructive pathways forward to tackle the impacts of bottom trawling. The report concludes by presenting nine recommendations for constructive acrion […]

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