A call for government action on bottom trawlers to protect small-scale fishers’ rights

Yunus Aboud is Chair of the Shela Beach Management Unit (BMU) in Malindi, Kenya. As chair of the BMU, he is respinsible for the sustainable management of his community’s local marine resources. He’s struggling to find a path forward to address the tensions between bottom trawlers, which are damaging coastal ecosystems and degrading local fisheries, […]

Spatial management for bottom trawling and dredging in Scotland

Bally is the National Coordinator of the Scottish Creel Fisherman’s Federation (SCFF). As the son of a trawlerman and a member of a rural coastal community in Scotland, Bally has witnessed the social, economic and ecological impacts of bottom trawling and dredging first-hand. Bally is calling on the Scottish government to introduce spatial management for […]

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